company’s Manager


Mr. Anthony Mwangi

kind of life we live today is a byproduct of the choices we made in the course of time. However, we can always go back to the drawing board and make more quality choices for a better tomorrow.

assistant Manager


James Muraithi

Perfection is an impossible standard. But in a results-driven world, it seems like we’re constantly reminded of how coveted perfection still is. Rather than striving to get everything just right, strive to excel in your own way. Start by chasing personal greatness, the kind of excellence that celebrates your progress. And take comfort in the fact that no matter where you are in life, it’s always up for grabs.


software development Engineer

Mr. Sam

Everyone on the team deserves to be valued. Each one of them performs an essential part to keep the engine of your company running. When you can put your people’s needs and interests before your own, you will be a more successful leader.


Miss Juliet

company’s director

 Accepting responsibility for your actions or the actions of your team makes you honorable and trustworthy.

mrs. Faith

company’s Coordinator

If you have the right attitude about the life, you will give birth to more in future than you have lost the past