3W RGB LED 6 Pin High power Beads LED Lamp Light


Made of high quality material, durable for daily use.
Very low heat generating, saving energy, environmentally friendly.
Long service life.
Low consumption, high brightness.
Comfortable light source, harmless for skin and eyes.
Great for making light sources for fish tank, decoration light, etc

LED Emitter: 3W RGB (Red,Green,Blue)

Lumens: RED:25-35LM,GREEN:40-50LM,BLUE:25-35LM

DC Forward Voltage (VF) : RED:2.3-2.6V,GREEN:3.4-3.8V,BLUE:3.4-3.8V

DC Forward Currect (IF) : 350-1000mA

wavelength: RED:620-650NM,GREEN:520-530NM,BLUE:465-475NM

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

LifeSpan Time : > 50,000 hours

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