First Step to Practical Learning
  1. Generating different LED patterns.
  2. Rotation of LEDs
  3. Relay Race of LEDs.
  4. Binary Counter.


Giving Inputs to the Controller
  1. Controlling LEDs with keys.
  2. Keys as toggle switch.
  3. Interfacing a piezo Buzzer
  4. Using a buzzer as an alarm unit.
  1. Using an Optocoupler
  2. Isolating control and logic circuit
Interfacing DC motors to Arduino
  • H-Bridge Circuit
  • Making of power supply and a basic robotic ca
Introduction to Sensors
  1. Magnetic relay switches.
  2. Temperature sensors.
  3. Proximity sensors.
  4. Other sensors available in the market.
  5. Using third party libraries for commonly used sensors.
Interfacing APR 9600 Voice recording IC
  1. Interfacing DTMF decoder
  2. Serial Communication
  3. PWM
  4. Analog inputs and ADC
  5. Interfacing Servo motors to Arduino
  6. Interfacing Stepper Motors to Arduino
  7. Interfacing of a bluetooth Module
  8. Interfacing a Matrix Keypad to Arduino
  • Working of a matrix keypad
  • Using the keypad library to interface with Arduin
Familiarizing with Arduino Interfacing Board
  • Introduction to Embedded C and Arduino platform.
  • Android controlling Arduino
  • Interfacing a RF Module
  • Resources available on Internet
  • Installing third party libraries.
  • PCB Etching
  • Type of relays.
  • Working of a magnetic relay.
  • Controlling Electrical appliances with electromagnetic relays.


In order to successfully complete the embedded systems course, student needs to take up at least one project. Following are some of the examples of Arduino based projects:

  • Line Follower Robot.
  • Bomb diffusion robot.
  • Fire fighting Robot
  • RF based robot.
  • Prototype of Delhi metro rail.
  • GSM controlled car with stereo and head lights.
  • LED Display board.
  • 8×8 LED cube.
  • Anti collision robot.
  • RF controlled robot.


  • RFID based attendance system.
  • RFID based home security system
  • Intelligent home locking system.
  • Intelligent water level management system.
  • Home automation using RFID.
  • Real time clock based home automation.
  • Arduino and android control
  • And many others

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